Across the Shans - China

7-24 June 2019

A journey across the spectacular shans and vast flowery grasslands of western China, from Yunnan to Sichuan. A dazzling floral mix of slipper orchids, primulas, lilies and blue poppies is alongside colourful Tibetan monasteries and fluttering prayer flags. From flowery Cangshan north to the fabulous floral wealth of north-west Yunnan and the botanical hotspots of Xiling Xue and Balang Shans.

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Armenia & Iran - Irises & Ancient Art

24 April - 8 May 2019

Europe meets Asia in a remarkable corner of the globe and where both flowers and civilisations have intermingled for thousands of years.  Here are wonderful plants, cultural sights and diverse landscapes.  From flamboyant irises, orchids and alpine bulbs to flower-rich steppes, amidst ever-changing landscapes peppered with fabulous architectural sights.

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Armenia - Georgia Irises & Ancient Art

20 April - 6 May 2019

Europe meets Asia in a remarkable corner of the globe and where both flowers and civilisations have intermingled for thousands of years.  Here are wonderful plants, cultural sights and diverse landscapes.  From flamboyant irises, orchids and alpine bulbs to flower-rich steppes, amidst ever-changing landscapes peppered with fabulous architectural sights.

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Arty Andes - Chilean colours

26 November-2 December 2018

Chile’s unique and colourful flora against the ever present backdrop of Andean snow capped volcanoes. Volcan Villarica provides the splendour, golden Berberis darwinii and scarlet Embothrium coccineum just two of the stunning plants in flower. With award winning artist Isik Guner

Flora únicas y coloridas de Chile contra la siempre presente telón de fondo de las cubiertas de nieve volcanes andinos. Volcán Villarica Proporciona el esplendor, oro calafate y rojo notro sólo dos de las impresionantes plantas en flor. Con el galardonado artista Isik Guner

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Arty Morocco

18-24 March 2019

Taroudant is a centre for delightful gardens and exclusive riads that has attracted world famous artists such as Claudio Bravo. Our base Dar al Housson has many exotic plants and is a haven of tranquility, perfectly suited to painting and enjoying the rich cuisine and warm weather. And Marrakesh is only a few hours drive away a delight to explore. Led by Isik Guner, our award-winning botanical artist.

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Autumn Jewels of the Aegean - Turkey & Greece

19 October - 2 November 2019

As the heat of summer wanes the first rains bring forth the Mediterranean's autumn jewels, a rich array of colourful bulbs that reinvigorates the landscape. This tour incorporates the best of the rugged south-western Taurus of Turkey and the bulb-rich Peleponnese of southern Greece, offering not only flora but also some fine historical sights. 

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Bulgaria - The Pirin Mountains

20 - 30  June 2020

Flower-rich meadows drift across untrammelled landscapes of the spectacular Pirin Mountain of south-west Bulgaria.

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Cape Spring

28 September - 12 October 2019

Architectural whorls of proteas and leucospermums, mingle with a kaleidoscope of gladiolus, watsonia and some wonderfully different orchids amidst the magnificent landscapes of the western Cape of South Africa, a botanical holy grail.

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Celestial Silk Road

(30 May-) 3-20 June 2020

A botanical exploration of the magnificent Tien Shan or Celestial Mountains. Beginning with giant foxtail lilies in Uzbekistan, and continuing with ice-blue trollius fringing the last snows and flower-rich tall meadows. A pre-tour visits the classic Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.

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Colourful Canaries

12-18 February 2017

Mount Teide towers above Tenerife, one of a chain of volcanic islands adrift in the Atlantic. The Canary Islands have a unique assemblage of plants and this tour offers the chance to prepare botanical drawings and paintings of some of the loveliest, set among their rugged natural habitats. Aimed at the practical use of skills in the field each day will be spent outside with wild flora in situ to prepare beautiful botanical art in the outdoor environment. 

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Corsica - a Mediterranean Garden Society Tour

16-22 April 2016

Ruggedly beautiful Corsica is swathed in flowery macchie with orchids and lavender and a coastline bathed in azure waters. Amid dramatic granite mountains are towering pines, stunning goblets of Crocus corsicus, remarkable bronze age sites, fine food and drink.

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Cyprus - Spring on the Akamas Peninsula

10-17 March 2017

Spring arrives early on Cyprus and where better to shrug off the chills of winter with a welcome botanical boost than the Akamas Peninsula an unspoilt corner of this diverse island. Nearly fifteen percent of the flora is endemic and we focus on this rich spring flora. Led by our Cyprus expert Yiannis Christofides.

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Gardens of China

7-20 September 2019 

From the Forbidden City to magnificent Suzhou the epicentre of Chinese Gardens. Plus a five-day extension to see the gentians and Tibetan culture at Shangri-La. A two week tour with garden history expert Dr Toby Musgrave.


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Gardens of Iran

1-15 May 2019

A fabulous treasure trove of gardens, exquisite architecture and magnificent scenery embody this diverse tour of Iran, along with a delicious cuisine, fine hospitality and warm weather.

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Gardens of Iran - Fam trip

8 - 17 September 2017

A fabulous treasure trove of gardens, exquisite architecture and magnificent scenery embody this diverse tour of Iran. An exciting low-cost opportunity to join us in Iran as we plan our new garden tour.

Led by expert garden historian and author Dr Toby Musgrave.

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Gardens of Japan

28 October - 4 November 2016

A tour of the magnificent gardens of Kyoto, a celebration of refined garden art.  Many are deservedly designated as UNESCO world heritage sites and Nature's warm autumnal hues will compliment these serene human masterpieces.

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Greece - Summertime in the Pindos

1-10 July 2019

Alpine turf bursts with colour at the start of summer, with beautiful lilies and standout alpines amidst swirl of violets, pinks, campanulas and foxgloves. And what better way to enjoy them than to walk in the mountains during the day, and spend comfortable nights in delightful hotels afterwards?

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Greek - Autumn Art

 23-29 October 2017

Greece in autumn is a delight. The crowds of summer have departed, but there is still warmth, wonderful light and a suite a lovely autumn flowers emerges after the first rains. Crocuses, sternbergia and cyclamen all make perfect choices to paint as do the labyrinthine streets of Byzantine Monemvasia in the Peleponese, the Greek deep south. Led by Isik Guner our award-winning botanical artist.

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Japan - Lilies Galore

24 June - 10 July 2020

Early summer in brings forth some fabulous Japanese flowers, including some lovely lilies. From the huge red-speckled white stars of Lilium auratum, to vast displays of Lilium rubellum, lovely orange Lilium maculatum and a supporting cast the includes that sought after alpine flower Dicentra peregrina and lovely Glaucidium palmatum. A tour of botanically rich and spectacular Hokkaido and Honshu.

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Kaçkar - Summer colour in the Karadeniz ...

22-28 July 2019

Midsummer in the verdant Kackar Mountains is a time of peaceful walks and rich colours, when some of the regions loveliest flowers appear in high pastures. As the warm hues of the season gather and we can expect a charming and vibrant scene.

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Lilies of Greece

1-9 July 2017

A suite of early summer flowers illuminates the uplands of northern Greece with four beautiful lily species among them. These include the rare and lovely Lilium rhodopaeum. This tour will explore the Pindos and Southern Rhodope mountains finding many other delightful flowers besides lilies.

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Lilies of The Black Sea

17-30 June 2019

This tour traverses the north-east Karadeniz Dagları exploring a series of long, green valleys and mountain passes and features all of regions’ lilies, whilst at the same time encountering many other noteworthy and beautiful flowers too including at least twenty five species of orchids, stunning anemones, aquilegias and foxgloves.

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Lycia - Wildflowers among antiquity

1-8 April 2019

Azure seas bathe the rugged, indented coastline of Olimpos-Bey Daglari National Park, a rich assortment of scented pine forests, rocky headlands and historical sites, overlooked by the imposing, cedar-clad 2235m Tahtali Dag. Plant-life is diverse and enchanting with many endemic species only found here and a multitude of pleasant walks to explore the area.

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MGS Canary Islands

10-17 February 2019 - TOUR FULL

The remarkable islands of Macaronesia represent a quite different world. Within the spectacular volcanic landscapes and plunging coastal cliffs there are many unique plants, where otherworldly populations of organ-pipe spurges vie with giant sow-thistles, buglosses and ancient dragon trees. And Tenerife has towering Teide, an active 3718-metre volcano that dominates the island. 

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MGS Uzbekistan - Lure of Samarkand

10-21(-24) April 2018

Of all of the cities along the Silk Road none resonates quite like Samarkand, arguably the very nexus of the route. The magnificent blue-tiled monuments of Timur gleam and impress. Nearby lies floral splendour with a swirl of corydalis, crocus and gorgeous irises, whilst to the west the monuments of Bukhara. And in the Tien Shan to the north a different selection of flowers awaits.

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Macaronesia Explorer

20 May - 3 June 2020

The spectacular volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands harbour many unique plants, in a land where herbs have turned into shrubs and otherworldly populations of organ-pipe spurges vie with the architectural dragon tree. This tour island hops from Lanzarote to Gomera, traversing this rich diversity including the sensational pink spires of Echium wildpretii on towering 3718m Teide. 

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March in the Western Cape

4-17 March 2019

South Africa's Cape flora is considered one of the wonders of the botanical world, with a dazzling array of flowers. Yet no tours focus on the remarkable late season flora, with giant red or pink brunsvigias, unique blue orchids, King Proteas, fiery heaths and blood lilies. Add to this architectural Quiver Trees on the edge of the Karoo, warm weather and beautiful landscapes, a tonic from the northern winter.

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Moonflowers, Junos & Turbans

13 - 23 April 2019

As the snows of winter recede the magnificent landscapes of Kyrgyzstan awaken with a kaleidoscope of giant fritillaries, stately pink eremurus, oceans of stunningly patterned poppies, tulips, corydalis and irresistible juno irises. The undiscovered gem of Central Asia. 

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New Zealand - Cushion Heaven

12-30 January 2020

Isolation has created a unique assemblage of textured cushions, pillows, domes or enveloping mats in the stunning alpine uplands of the worlds’ most remote major island group. Among them grow architectural celmisias and the pure white goblets of Mount Cook daisy.

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Patagonia - Violets and Volcanoes

20 November - 5 December 2019

Smoking cones are beset with the alpine jewels, the treasured rosular violets, along with other wonderful alpine plants and fabulous scenery in the Andean slopes of Argentina.

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Rwenzori - Mountains of the Moon

15-28 January 2017

Amidst the fabled and spectacular Rwenzori is some fascinating flora. Forests of bizarre giant groundsels are interspersed with the towering spires of giant Lobelia wollastonii, giant heather forests are draped in lichens and the paths lined with silvery Helichrysum formosissimum. The only way to come close to these extraordinary plants is to trek into the heart of these ‘Mountains of the Moon’.

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SW Australia - Kwongan and Wandoo

10-28 September 2019

Ultra-diverse northern shrublands and heaths contain one of the richest arrays of Mediterranean-climate flora in the world, with colourful bristly-stamened shrubs, dense cone-shaped banksias, orange-flowered toxic peas, scrambling carnivorous sundews and the beautiful Wreath Flower. Added to this are unique orchids, the Stirling Range, Wave Rock and giant Tingle Trees.

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Snowdrops of Georgia & Armenia

27 March - 7 April 2019

Vast carpets of purest white snowdrops carpets the beautiful virgin forests of southern Armenia in spring. They are joined by drifts of crocuses and corydalis in a seldom seen floral feast.

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Southern California

18 March - 4 April 2019

Early spring in the Mediterranean of North America. Greeting the season are the stunning array of Fritillaria that appear from pink pluriflora to chocolate biflora and pure white liliacea. Many colourful annuals are colouring the ground too as the floral year gets into gear, whilst coasts brim with the yellow of Leptosyne gigantea, an extraordinary tree-like daisy.

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Spring in the Pindos

1-16 May 2020

Greece contains the richest flora in the Mediterranean, some of the finest landscapes and antiquities that have unpinned Western civilisation. An exploration of the Pindos for orchids, bulbs, Judas trees and ancient cultural treats.

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Turkish Long Weekends

21-24 April & 5-8 May 2017

For those that want something a little different in their busy lives our Turkish Long Weekends are designed to provide a rich experience of the culture, beautiful landscapes and botanical treasures in a short space of time. In spring the Mediterranean is bursting into life and walking among orchids and anemones to ancient sites is a delight.

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Turkish Long Weekends

24-27 October 2016

With the same emphasis as our spring tours our autumn long weekend sees rich colours fill the cedar forests as cyclamen and colchicums appear among Roman ruins and pinewoods. And the waters of the Mediterranean are still pleasantly warm for swimming.


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Turkish Silk Road

6-24 May 2019

Across the Anatolian heartland from Cappadocia to Van in search of beautiful spring flowers, fine landscapes and cultural treasure. It traces the old Silk Road, taking in cave-churches, impressive caravanserai as well as magnificent Ani. From volcanic badlands and the verdant valleys of the Black Sea to the turquoise waters of Lake Van.

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Wildflowers of Epirus - Northern Greece

15-22 May 2016

A treat for lovers of wildflowers in the Greek mountains of Epirus, where narcissus, orchids, fritillaries and harebells thrive among some of the most dramatic scenery in Europe. The mountain villages, or Zagorohoria, are built exclusively of stone and their setting in the mountains is so magical that they have become holiday destinations for Greeks and foreigners alike.

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