12-18 February 2017


Main tour: 1500 Euros twinshare

Single supplement: 250 Euros

•    6 nights of accommodation
•    All food
•    Ground transport
•    Guide services

Not included:
•    International flights
•    Travel/Medical Insurance
•    Alcoholic and soft drinks
•    Personal expenses
•    Art materials



Minimum participants 6

Maximum participants 10



This course is held in association

with the Mediterranean

Garden Society.

A donation will be made to the Society for each

course participant.


Colourful Canaries

Mount Teide towers above Tenerife, one of a chain of volcanic islands adrift in the Atlantic, part of Spain but very much closer to Africa than Europe. Because of their location the Canary Islands have a unique assemblage of plants and this tour offers the chance to prepare botanical drawings and paintings of some of the loveliest, set among their rugged natural habitats, which vary from lava fields and laurel forests to rocky coasts and cliffs. Aimed at the practical use of skills in the field each day will be spent outside with wild flora in situ to provide opportunities for the different techniques needed to create or prepare beautiful botanical art in the outdoor environment.  Expert tuition will be given throughout from our art team of Jacqui Pestell and Işık Guner, with additional botanical expertise on hand to identify the many plants.

Our peaceful hotel has tastefully decorated rooms, a four hundred year-old dragon tree and an extensive patio decked with exotic plants. Morning excursions will start at 9am with drives to suitable locations with plenty of interesting and distinctive native flora and will continue until 5.30 pm. The local cuisine also has a distinctive flavour, not just Spanish but often with a local twist and enhanced with garlic-rich rojo-mojo or washed down with a glass of honey rum.

Day 1    To Tenerife

Day 2     Masca - Pencil Sketches & Watercolour

We will be exploring in the rugged beauty inland from our hotel, home to wonderful endemic plants such as Canarina canariensis, Euphorbia atropurpurea and Echium virescens, possible subjects for our first sketches. Jacqui Pestell and Işık Güner will demonstrate how to prepare these pencil sketches in the field. You will also get information about how good photography can support of your first hand experience of sketching in the field. Later in the afternoon we will begin to work with watercolours on the sketches.

Day 3    Chimanada - Pen & Wash

The picturesque northeast coast of Tenerife has many dramatic vistas, partly clothed in laurel forest with banks peppered with charming rosettes of the native succulents, and bushy Echium leucophaeum. Today Jacqui will also demonstrate how to use tip pens and tint to enhance all of the amazing subtle botanical details.

Day 4    Punta de Fraile - Plants in their habitat

The rocky coastal area of Punta de Teno has architectural Euphorbia canariensis, Limonium pectinata and Euphorbia aphylla amongst many other plants, which we can enjoy in situ. While learning about these specialist plants you will also learn how to capture them in their habitat in your sketchbook, including different techniques, including pastel pencils.

Day 5    Botanic Garden – Capturing details

Today we will look closely at the details of the plants that we will discover in Tenerife’s excellent botanical garden. Demonstrations will take place on observing vital details in subject matter and how to represent this in our art.

Day 6    Mount Teide – Free sketches

For our last day we can spend it finishing our earlier work or take a journey high up onto Mount Teide, we will discover new plants like Argyranthemum fruticans and Lotus campylocladus  as well as the incredible rosettes of Echim wildpretii. The latter is set amidst remarkable lava forms with the towering volcano behind. Once again we have an opportunity to develop our skills in the field and you will be free to select any technique you like to use to master it.

Day 7    Flights home


Recommended Material List

1. H, HB, 2B Pencils

2. Eraser

3. Sharpener

4. 2 palletes for each student

5. Watercolour pigments (Our suggested pigments)

6. 0.5 Fibre tip pens

7. Conte Patel Pencils (Brown, Grey, Black)

8. Watercolour pencils (A few colour)


*** Sketchpad will supplied for you by us. 

 If you have any questions about materials please contact

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Canarina canariensis
Greenovia diploclada
Euphorbia canariensis
Aeonium tabuliforme
Los Roques, Teide
Gennaria diphylla
Teide summit
Gran Canaria from Teide
Pinus canariensis
Pericallis steetzii
Scilla haemorhoidalis
Sonchus canariensis
Sonchus ortunoi
Lava dykes, Teide
Mount Teide
Mount Teide
Lava fields
Euphorbia canariensis
Euphorbia canariensis
Aeonium urbicum
Anaga Peninsula
Banyan trees, Botanic Garden
Banyan trees, Botanic Garden
Canarina canariensis
Echium giganteum
Echium giganteum
Echium virescens
Echium wildpretii
El Patio Hotel
Euphorbia atropurpurea
Euphorbia atropurpurea
Dracaena draco
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