Vira Natura

The Great Game - China

24 May - 9 June 2024
From €5,800.00 per person

The Great Game was played out between Great Britain and Russia in the late nineteenth century, centred on the old Silk Road oasis of Kashgar. This exciting research trip combines the spectacular landscapes of the eastern Pamir and Tien Shan, continuing north through the deserts to the well-watered reached of the Chinese Altai and the seldom seen but amazing geopark of Kekotouhai or China's Yosemite.

A unique trip, places limited to a hardy few. More soon. Price tbc.

Rough itinerary:

Turpan - vineyards and Buddha caves

Kashgar - meeting point of the Silk Road routes

Tashkurgan - lakes, ancient forts and high passes

Borohoro Shan - the Chinese arm of the Tien Shan, bulbs and more

Hanan national park - Altai landscapes and Erythronium

Keketouhai - geopark and more

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