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Wild Edens is Chris Gardner's latest book, a collaboration with long-time friend Toby Musgrave, that charts the origins of many of our favourite garden plants, presenting them as often as possible within  their natural landscapes. Focusing on nine outstanding regions that have contributing a great many plants, it also reveals the history of their discovery and their subsequent impact on horticulture and uniquely includes details on the best areas to visit in each chosen region. Due for release on 15 September, it is the perfect stocking filler for Christmas! 

Published by Kyle Books 

Flora of the Mediterranean is our second flora compilation, the first book to combine the fabulous floras of the world's five Mediterranean climate regions - the Mediterranean Basin, California, central Chile, south-west Australia and the Western Cape of South Africa. It's another first hand account and features eight hundred photographs of over six hundred species, many rare and iconic from these exciting botanical regions, from coast to mountain top.

"There is nothing comparable to this tour de force...Christopher and Başak Gardner have produced a truly superb and unique book that any plant-lover interested in Mediterranean plants will enjoy, admire, and treasure. It is a real masterpiece" BSBI

"Wildly beautiful...a celebration of all these flowers, with splendid photographs taken by the authors...a useful chapter of photographic instruction in how to capture such wonderful imagery...makes light of the patience and luck required to get such superb pictures" Cornucopia Magazine

"Such are my memories of trips organised by the Gardners. It was thus hardly a surprise to me that they have now produced another magnificent book.....chock-full of beautiful photographs accompanied by informative text, one that I can highly recommend to anyone with an interest in the flora of the Mediterranean." Mediterranean Garden Society

Across nearly 400 lavish pages are a cavalcade of some of the world’s most beautiful plants, accompanied with a narrative that is at times personal and passionate, but always informative... a magnificent taster of some of the richest floras of the warm temperate world. Our Mediterranean floras are at especial risk from a changing this is a timely reminder of just how diverse and beautiful the plants are of these areas..." Plantlife

Other online reviews:

Flora of the Mediterranean is the most extraordinary plant book I have ever experienced - having a terrific wealth of the most incredible photographs of plants and some of the most unusual ones that I have ever experienced. Also, the text contains very comprehensive information on plants, that I have never seen before in books, and botany from some of the worlds least known places. I have always wanted a complete and comprehensive plant book covering all five Mediterranean climates of the world. The book, with it's wonderful collection of photographs of so many beautiful flowers to look at is the uplifting and inspirational experience I was looking for!
I praise the authors and publisher for their great work in the making of this book. Thank you very much!
California, Dec. 2021 


On sale 3 October 2019.


Flora of the Silk Road is a celebration of the diverse and beautiful plants that grow along the world's most famous road. Featuring over seven hundred colour photographs, it contains over five hundred species of bulbs, herbs, trees and shrubs and is the culmination of fifteen years travelling in the region. Along with so many fascinating flowers are the landscapes they call home and world-class Silk Road cultural sites. It has now been reprinted (and rebranded by Bloomsbury). Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the original version can purchase direct from us (25GBP plus postage).

 We will be offering a series of botanical tours to the region over the next few years.

And here are some of the wonderful reviews of the book we were so delighted to receive.

'Without a shadow of a doubt this is the most spectacular account and presentation of native flora I have ever seen...' Roy Lancaster- The Garden (RHS Magazine)

'Christopher and Basak Gardner have written the most beautiful new book called Flora of the Silk Road: An Illustrated Guide. Their book has taken me vicariously from Syria to China and has given me more pleasure than any colour-designed book I have read in years... For the gardener, the book is like a glimpse of paradise.'  Robin Lane Fox,  Financial Times

'This is a book to make you weep. Weep at the sheer beauty of its photographs and of the flowers and landscapes laid out before your eyes...'  Historic Gardens Review

'presents exquisite photographs of 545 species... There are also wonderful landscape, architecture and habitat views.   The book is a masterpiece of great interest for all fascinated by the Silk Road. The image reproduction and book design are superb. With 406 pages and over 500 stunning photographs, the book is well worth buying, enjoying, and treasuring.' The Plantsman

'A stunning collection of more than 500 flowers... the images cannot fail to enlighten... armchair travellers will relish the living tapestry in this tour de force... I thoroughly recommend it.' Journal of the Royal Photographic Society

'I can only marvel at this amazing book.' Oxford Times

'this extraordinary and beautiful book... This is a book of images but images as you rarely see them... a rare and special book that will appeal to anyone with a fascination in the wider world of plants and natural history' Alpine Garden Society

'I've got somewhat carried away with the beauty of all these plants - and I believe you will too if you acquire this book... it is illustrated with page after page of stunning photographs' The Mediterranean Garden

The third reprint of this book is now available (March 2019) 

The original imprint is available direct only from the author. Only 40 copies remaining (35 GBP including postage). Please contact us by email. Rebranded reprint now widely available in bookstores

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